Terms and conditions

  • All students must comply with rules and regulations whilst attending the course.
  • It’s our duty and responsibility to provide high standards of teaching and learning in a safe environment. It is important all staff maintain the standards in a professional manner by complying with rules, regulations and policies in place.
  • Punctuality is vital for both staff and students. The time and venue will be given to all students. It is important students attend and for unpreventable reasons such as heavy traffic we would expect the students to drop a message or a quick call.
  • Dress code - staff to wear uniform, students on short courses to wear casual/smart wear. Closed shoes, low heals, hair tied back. Excessive jewellery is unacceptable for health and safety reasons.
  • Training manuals and course materials including the website is copyright.
  • Waxing courses - to grow hair couple of weeks before so that practical demos on self and peer work is able to take place.
  • Mobile phones - answer emergency calls, vibrate or silent during teaching/learning.
  • Smoking - smoke in the designated areas outside the venue. On return wash hands.
  • Skin allergies, make up allergies - it is important you inform staff of any allergies before using any products.
  • Cost - must pay the full fee to reserve a place on the course.
  • Videos and photography - is prohibited due to the privacy and dignity of other students and staff within the training.

Cancellations & Refunds

If you are unable to attend the course please notify us within 48 hours. We would be happy to refund the full amount. After 48 hours of booking the course, the payment is non-refundable as the training staff at this point would have booked venues, organised resources and facilities to aid your course needs.

Complaints policy

BeautyFirst training academy takes complaints very seriously ensuring our students, staff and external organisations working with us are not left unsatisfied. The policy enables us to improve our services. We are happy to listen and put things right the first time. On the first instance we can discuss and attempt to resolve the issue. If this for some reason did not resolve the matter please do not hesitate to send a written complaint to (business email).

The purpose of our complaints procedure:

  • Students, staff and external organisations build a good relationship with us
  • Improve our business
  • Put things right
  • It’s your right to have a say
  • Be able to gain advice and support quickly, easily and fairly

Equality, diversity and inclusion policy

At BeautyFirst training academy we put equality, diversity and inclusion at the heart of the business. We make sure students, staff and others from the public working with us are treated fairly regardless of differences such as gender, age, disability, sexuality, culture, religion and any form of learning needs. We make sure any unnecessary barriers are removed so that students feel included and able to excel in a comfortable learning environment. We work in line with Equality act 2010 promoting zero tolerance to discrimination in any shape or form.